Vertical ribbon mixer

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Used for the homogenization of a variety of products with different improvers ( Glutins ).

Single axis ribbon mixers are suitable for mixing powder or granular materials of any type.Their principle of operation is based on the centrifugal that created from a shaft with helical parts of different diameters and pitch.

  • The horizontal ribbon mixer is a full steel construction.
  • The pitch of each helical part is 600mm.
  • The remaining space at the bottom of the mixer will be 2-3mm and 10-13mm on the sides.
  • The horizontal axis has four propellers placed in opposite directions.
  • The propellers are screwed onto the main shaft.
  • The motor speed is 1440 RPM.
  • The speed on the shaft 19 RPM.
  • The ribbon mixer can work with just 75% filling.
  • Air and oil can be supplied from the top cover.
  • Required power 15HP electric motor.

pantoneColor: White or INOX, different colors available uppon request.