PETKUS sieve machine

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PETKUS sieve is one of the most common machines for seed separation.

How does it work :
The variety of seeds that can be separated starts from medicago and reaches up to legume.

The seeds or the cereals enter the machine from the inlet funnel were the aspirator will pull them on the upper sieve.
Afterwards the product will go through a two stage sieving and be separated according to width and thickness.
The sieve wholes remain clean by the use of specialy designed rubber balls.
The final product and the impurities exit the PETKUS from different outlets.

  • Full steel construction.
  • Supported on high quality plastic.
  • Pulley with counterweight for movement.
  • 3 layers with different diameter sieves.
  • Aspirator on the final product outlet for even further and effective cleaning.
  • Dust cyclone with airlock.
  • Plexiglas infront of the outlet to monitor the flow.
  • Valve to adjust the aspiration.
  • Optional stainless steel construction.

pantoneColor: White - Blue, different colors available uppon request.