Automated bagging line

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Suitable for 25-50 kg bags, for floury and granular products.

  • Automatic weighing-bagging machine for open mouth bags.
  • Compatible with paper and raffia bags.
  • Triple compartment buffer with total capacity of 300 bags.
  • Full steel construction.
  • Electronic weighing with load cells.
  • Pre-dosing hopper to increase production.
  • 45m³ vacuum pump for smooth bag feeding.
  • 250lt air storage tank for smooth pneumatic component operation.
  • Weighing self-correction for quick adjustment and maximum accuracy.
  • Control panel with high contrast LCD touchscreen, for total control over the automatic weighing-bagging line.
  • Digital display of weight and parameters.
  • Operational counter monitoring the total process speed (in bags/minute & bags/hour).
  • Profile management for different bag sizes.
  • Detachable control panel with touchscreen.
  • All functions are PLC adjustable.
  • Double speed screw conveyors for maximum precision.
  • Ability for automatic tag placement and sewing on the bag.
  • Suitable for flour, cereal, powder and bulk products.
  • Full stainless steel construction available uppon request.

Production capacity (Bags/h): 250
Accuracy: +/- 50gr
Width (mm): 1300
Height (mm): 3500
Length (mm): 1600
Total Weight (Kg): 1200
Total power (Kw): 8.0
Power supply: 380V
Air supply (Bar): 6

pantoneColor: White - Blue, different colors available uppon request.